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Saturday, May 09, 2009

New Wines:
Ahnfeldt Napa Valley Cabernet, 2003. From L.A. Wine Company (the one in Indian Wells, CA) Big, complex Cab with a touch of merlot, for the modest sum of $19.95, bravo! Definitely in the winner's circle. The 'slacker bought it last year in the Desert and held off drinking it as long as he could.

And 5 Mile Bridge, Margarita Vinyard Syrah, 2006, Whole Foods (now carrying a line of 5 Mile Bridge wines at big sale prices). Tasty, velvety Syrah from what is the Syrah capital of California, Paso Robles. $8.99!!! Get some without delay!

From Costco: and for the adventurous, Couly-Dutheil, La Baronnie Madeleine Chinon, a red from the Loire Valley, 2004, Cabernet Franc, full of a savory, earthy flavor, and a true taste of the place. We think it was about $15. Expand your palate!

Wineslacker has noticed that his old faithful Trader Joes and Cost Plus World Market seems to be moving away from the adventurous, the high value, bargain wines that must be sought out and into the standard brands. Those wines from the big wholesalers with familiar labels and good price points. And, the Trader is still selling case after case of that two buck stuff, as well as pushing their own label. OK for the masses; but boring for the curious and the edge drinkers.

Whole foods and Gelson's are fairly plentiful, at least in Southern Cal., and still actively seeking well priced small maker labels and high value overruns. Costco, the biggest wine seller in the country, is still bringing in excellent selections and great prices. Of course, we applaud those who support their neighborhood, one store wine specialist, especially in today's dreary economy. Have a spectacular glass of wine to take the edge off thinking about your 401K.


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