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Sunday, August 27, 2006

OK, it's still summertime, even if the kids are starting back to school. All the more reason to break out a chilled bottle. At last, a chance to relax. With the weather still warm, chilled summer wines are still tempting. The some summer wines of Europe that are most intriguing to Americans still new to wine are the rose's (sue me, I couldn't find the accent insert on this HTML writer). These are the pinkish to red/amber wines that make you shudder, thinking of white zinfandel and Boone's Farm Strawberry Something. (OK, some people like white zinfandel!) But rose's are much dryer, while retaining the lightness and fruitiness that the color hints at. There are some great wines out there that are generally very affordable. One excellent buy is the well regarded La Ferme Julien Cotes Du Ventoux Rose', from the Rhone Valley. Widely available, at Trader Joe's and other retailers, at less than $8.00. Highly refreshing with a handy screw top, dry, with a light taste of dried strawberries, again, a fruity flavor, but dry. Sooo good, well chilled, in a chilled glass. Just look for the rose colored rooster. If you're interested, it's a blend of 50% Cinsault, 40% Grenache and 10%Syrah.

You can go to for their own update of excellent rose's.


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