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Friday, October 27, 2006

Organic wines have been a matter of some curiousity to the Wineslacker. Organic, not-organic; filtered, unfiltered (non-de-schmutzed), it's an ongoing argument. Let the 'slacker reflect. It makes sense that the unfiltered, organic wine is going to have more bits floating around in it, almost like herbs and spices in a tea, that will add to the complexity, the "terroir", that is, the taste of the place, that comes with the wine. Let's face it, though, some folks just don't like looking through the bottle and seein' schmutz clinging to the sides. Well, those earthy Europeans seem to not be bothered much and they can be religiously attached to the idea of "terroir" defining their favorites. Maybe they have something.

The wine that inspired this brief reflection is another of those Trader Joe's little happy discoveries. Belvedere Winery in Healdsburg, CA, is one those slowly growing number of organic wineries in middle California. We had a few bottles of their lovely Healdsburg Ranches Merlot, 2002, from the 'Trader for the startling price of $7.99. It's a lovely Merlot, with all the pleasant aspects of the grape, a round, plummy, fruit forward mouthful with fair complexity and great compatability with food. The 'slacker gives it a 3 stars of 5 for value. And, we applaud the commitment to organic methods that limit the impact of agriculture in an increasingly crowded landscape. By the way, the 2003 Merlot sells on the winery's
website for $19. It comes complete with schmutz.

Alright, already... I know that Cameron Hughes link was bogus. So here's the real thing for your convenience, . I've gotten ahold of a couple of bottles of Cameron Hughes Lot 16, the 2004 Stags Leap district Cab, and I'll be tasting it this weekend. Review in the offing. If it's anything near the astounding Lot 15, it's some bargain.


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