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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sorry for the time away. The Wineslacker has to make a living, regardless of his slacker image, or, in reality (not a word the 'slacker takes lightly) to allow him to continue to slouch along life with the correct 'tude. So, anywhooooo, here's a little gem available at Trader Joes for an almost embarassingly small sum; about $5. Caves des Papes 2004, a Cote du Rhone, is a pretty little wine, layered with the tangy berry flavors of the grenache grape, a beautiful, clear garnet color, in an identifiably squat little bottle. It has an oaky bouquet and a moderate finish. It's slightly more expensive "Heritage" version got an "88" from Wine Spectator recently. For the price, you could drink it weeknights. Every weeknight. The 'slacker gives it three and one half stars of five.


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