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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

While you have your end of the year Champagne glass still grasp in your now gift wrapping, celebration weary fingers, congratulating yourself on getting through the holiday season once more, the Wineslacker would like to take this getting-your-breath-back moment to join with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fund-raisers, and ask you to consider this. You have just a few days to jump on the opportunity to give away that extra holiday bonus cash, or give it to the government next April 15. Scroll down the screen a bit, and you'll see the Heifer International fund raising thermometer. Click on the icon and it will take you to a magic place where you can make yourself feel great and give yourself a healthy charitable deduction by contributing to the Wineslacker's own little fund-raising project.
Heifer International is a truly unique charitable organization, giving away reproducing farm animals to rural poor all over the world, with the provision that they contribute to their own community's improvement by giving away some of the offspring. They do much more than just that, including educating people on care of animals, providing education on sustainable farming and environmentally friendly practices, providing micro-loans for home businesses and many other great projects. Take a detour to their website and see for your self, but first, get out the plastic and give a little. Just the price of a bottle of good wine will help.
Upcoming soon: Wine of the Year!


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